Elisa Williams

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Group support when vision fades
By Elisa Williams October 24, 2017
Patients with vision loss share experiences, ideas, and resources in OHSU Casey Eye Institute forum.
Prenatal care delivers multigenerational benefits
By Elisa Williams October 11, 2017
Expanding prenatal care to unauthorized immigrant women in Oregon reduced death rates for U.S. born infants and helped prevent disease and complications for both women and their children.
Eczema drug shows promise in clinical trials
By Elisa Williams March 08, 2017
A drug that works by targeting and blocking some of the body’s chemical messengers, which can become overactive in allergic reactions, shows promise in reducing symptoms caused by a severe form of eczema.
Your doctor will see you now -- in the kitchen
By Elisa Williams December 06, 2016
Preventive cardiologist Sergio Fazio, M.D., Ph.D., takes his place behind the stove in OHSU’s demonstration kitchen. Sitting on the other side of the kitchen island are rows of cardiology patients who have signed up to be part of a monthly cooking class at the OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute, or KCVI.
Cholesterol lowering drugs cut risk of a first heart attack or stroke
By Elisa Williams November 15, 2016
Cholesterol-lowering drugs help prevent heart attacks and strokes in adults with cardiovascular risk factors such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and smoking, but have not yet had a heart attack or stroke, according to a large-scale analysis of clinical trial data.

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