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CHI Mercy Medical Center organizes hospice workshop, advance care planning

The News-Review July 09, 2024
Eriko Onishi, M.D., visits a senior community in Roseburg to discuss steps patients and families could take when considering this stage of life: "So many family members suffer because the one person has not made that decision about what kind of end-of-life care they wanted. If you haven’t thought through, this it can be so hard."

HHMI Names 50 Gilliam Fellows in Milestone Year

Howard Hughes Medical Institute July 09, 2024
Erin Santos and Marc Freeman, Ph.D., are named one of 50 graduate student-adviser pairs to receive a Gilliam Fellowship in recognition for their outstanding research as well as "their commitments to advancing equity and inclusion in science."

OHSU study finds opioid treatment via telehealth reduces a major barrier — stigma

Portland Business Journal July 09, 2024
A study led by Ximena Levander, M.D., suggests telehealth may be an important antidote to overcoming stigma and reducing barriers for people seeking necessary treatment: “You feel like you’re being watched or judged by everyone, and telehealth can reduce that sense, whether it’s real or perceived. Telehealth can lower that barrier."

Many Teen Girls Seeking Care in the ED at High Risk for Pregnancy

Rheumatology Advisor July 08, 2024
A study led by Hannah Canter, M.D., suggests sexually active adolescents seeking care in the emergency department have a high risk for pregnancy, and the emergency department may provide a feasible environment to offer contraception counseling. The analysis included 1,063 sexually active participants seen at six urban, pediatric tertiary care emergency departments.

Fireworks Can Be Troubling For Vets And Others With PTSD

KBND Radio July 08, 2024
In an Oregon Radio News Network story about the difficulty veterans and/or people with PTSD have with fireworks noise, Mikel Matto, M.D., says: "One of the problems with PTSD is that when a person is exposed to sights or sounds that resemble a traumatic experience, like combat, that exposure can trigger unwanted memories."

Nike Doernbecher Freestyle 20 Collection Sneakers Revealed

HotNewHipHop July 07, 2024
Doernbecher Freestyle, a longstanding collaboration between Nike and Doernbecher that allows patient-designers to create unique footwear which are sold at auction to benefit Doernbecher, will celebrate its 20th anniversary later this year.

Washington sees ripple effects of Dobbs decision as Idaho patients seek abortion care

The Columbian July 06, 2024
Maria Rodriguez, M.D., provides comment on the increase of people seeking abortion care in Washington, saying abortion bans goes beyond abortion care. "This isn’t just about people who have unwanted or dangerous pregnancies, it’s extending into people who have desired pregnancies. There’s still too much complacency with people not recognizing how integral abortion is to basic reproductive health care."
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