Dr. Albert Starr takes on new role at OHSU

July 22, 2011
Albert Starr, M.D., best known for co-inventing and implanting the world’s first successful artificial heart valve, is taking on a new role at OHSU as special adviser to OHSU Dean of Medicine Mark Richardson, M.D., M.B.A., and OHSU President Joe ...

OHSU Evaluating Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Attack Damage

January 05, 2010
Oregon Health & Science University is enrolling research participants in a new clinical trial that evaluates whether intravenous infusions of adult stem cells can restore damaged heart tissue in patients after a heart attack. OHSU is the only health ...

Community Study on Victims of Cardiac Arrest Completed

November 06, 2009
Giving cardiac arrest patients at least 30 seconds of CPR before assessing the need to use an electrical shock to restart their hearts is just as effective as performing 3 minutes of CPR before the assessment, a recently completed study found. The ...
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