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Collaborative Cancer Cloud launches

A little more than two years ago, OHSU and Intel joined forces to combine next-generation computing platforms with our unique capabilities in biomedical research. The goal is to make it far faster and less costly to use an individual patient’s genetic data to find and treat the root causes of disease — in short, precision medicine. Today’s announcement is an important step forward in this shared effort.

The Collaborative Cancer Cloud will provide an open-source analytics platform that allows providers to securely share patient genomic data for potentially lifesaving discoveries and helps advance the goal of “all-in-one-day” care. “All-in-one-day” care means that patients across a spectrum of cancers could have their cells analyzed through genome sequencing and imaging, and a precision treatment plan could be tailored specifically for their disease — all delivered within 24 hours. This would be a tremendous improvement in quality of care and patient experience and, if successful, will have significant implications for advancing precision medicine in all disease areas.

This is a challenge that will require collaboration between biomedical researchers, computer science and bio-computing professionals and health care providers. At its heart, precision medicine is a data science that requires the ability to analyze samples from hundreds of thousands of patients to inform treatment plans. But this is not just a technology challenge. We will have to demonstrate improvements in both computing efficiency and clinical workflows. The Collaborative Cancer Cloud will provide the platform and shared analytics — while still protecting patient data and privacy — giving providers the tools to collaborate for the delivery of precision treatment. Read the entire Directline.




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