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Why I’m participating in the March for Science

By William Hersh April 18, 2017
William Hersh, M.D., plans to participate in Portland’s March for Science Saturday, April 22, to champion the scientific enterprise and advocate for continued federal funding.

OHSU and the American Health Care Act

By Joe Robertson March 23, 2017
As Oregon’s academic health center, OHSU provides leadership in health policy when the health and well-being of Oregonians are at stake. As a public institution and a statewide resource, we strive to be thoughtful and constructive in how we do this. We work hard to find solutions. It is therefore disappointing to have to oppose a piece of federal legislation, but the American Health Care Act leaves us no choice.

Proposed cuts to NIH funding would devastate the scientific community

By Drs. John Hunter and Dan Dorsa March 20, 2017
Last week the White House unveiled its 2018 Budget Blueprint. As the state’s only academic medical center, we are concerned about the proposed nearly $6 billion cut to the National Institutes of Health, which is about 20 percent of the NIH’s total budget.

All Oregonians need access to dentists

By Sean Benson March 20, 2017
The delivery of quality dental care is critical for individual wellness and quality of life. The link between oral health and overall health is well-established. Yet, despite the importance, access to appropriate care in Oregon remains a challenge. Too many rural, tribal and economically disadvantaged Oregonians lack adequate access to comprehensive dental services.

OHSU Statement on Animal Research

March 17, 2017
OHSU believes that knowledge gained through biomedical research in relevant animal models is essential to developing new ways to identify, prevent, treat or eradicate disease and to improve human and animal health. OHSU’s views on this topic reflect those of other academic health centers, universities, physicians and scientists throughout the world.

New legislation on child car-seat safety will save kids' lives

By Ben Hoffman February 17, 2017
Motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of death for children aged 1 to 15, killing about 1,700 kids each year. Dr. Ben Hoffman calls on the state of Oregon to pass legislation requiring children to use rear-facing car seats until the age of 2.

All are welcome at OHSU

By Joe Robertson January 30, 2017
Last week's executive order on immigration has created apprehension and uncertainty in the OHSU community and in the communities we serve.

OHSU condemns noose incident

January 10, 2017
OHSU strongly condemns the posting of a noose on our campus. This action was deeply offensive and OHSU regrets the pain that it caused. OHSU Human Resources, assisted by OHSU Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity, interviewed all parties...
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