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New legislation on child car-seat safety will save kids' lives

By Ben Hoffman February 17, 2017
Motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of death for children aged 1 to 15, killing about 1,700 kids each year. Dr. Ben Hoffman calls on the state of Oregon to pass legislation requiring children to use rear-facing car seats until the age of 2.

All are welcome at OHSU

By Joe Robertson January 30, 2017
Last week's executive order on immigration has created apprehension and uncertainty in the OHSU community and in the communities we serve.

OHSU condemns noose incident

January 10, 2017
OHSU strongly condemns the posting of a noose on our campus. This action was deeply offensive and OHSU regrets the pain that it caused. OHSU Human Resources, assisted by OHSU Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity, interviewed all parties...

Respect for all

By Joe Robertson December 22, 2016
The holiday season is a time to reflect on the year that was and look forward to the year ahead. Unfortunately, many of us have heavy hearts this year in light of recent setbacks in our country in the area of diversity, one of OHSU’s core values.

What’s all the hoopla about?

By David Yaden December 05, 2016
National recognition is nice, but OHSU's key mission is caring for patients and "fulfilling the mission to improve the health of all Oregonians."

OHSU statement regarding Department of Justice complaint

November 01, 2016
OHSU has a long and honorable relationship with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in pursuing its important research mission, and is disappointed that the Justice Department has filed a lawsuit, challenging OHSU's use of an overhead rate that was approved by the appropriate government agency.

Standing against gun violence

By Brian Gibbs September 23, 2016
Dr. Brian Gibbs, Ph.D., M.P.A., urges "us all to step up, hold the torch and commit to navigating a pathway toward a more equitable healing community as our contribution to this nationwide challenge."

Addressing gun violence

By Joe Robertson July 15, 2016
OHSU is a community of people dedicated to healing others and advancing the frontiers of scientific knowledge. Many of us choose to work at OHSU because it offers the opportunity to protect the most vulnerable in our society and improve the world around us.
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