About OHSU: Fast facts

Oregon Health & Science University is a nationally prominent research university and the state’s only public academic health center. It educates health professionals and scientists in addition to providing leading-edge patient care, community service and advancing biomedical research.


OHSU’s beginning as an institution dates back to 1887 when the University of Oregon chartered a state medical school. 

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Campuses and operations

OHSU operates from multiple locations and campuses. Primary locations are in Southwest Portland on the Marquam Hill Campus and in the South Waterfront Central District.

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Interactive map of Marquam Hill and South Waterfront locations.

Economics, funding and philanthropy

Annual operating budget: $2.4 billion
State appropriation: 1.4%

Gift dollars: $300 million
Gifts: 26,983
Number of donors: 16,411

Employees: 15,098
Square feet of building space: 7.6 million


OHSU is nationally recognized for many of its programs as well as health outcomes research. Learn more.

Patients: 276,778
Patient visits (includes hospitals and medical/dental clinics): 1,017,964
Staffed beds: 553
Licensed beds: 576


OHSU grants the state's only doctoral degrees in medicine, nursing, dentistry and health-focused engineering. Doctoral degrees in pharmacy are also granted, in partnership with Oregon State University. In addition, OHSU provides many specialized research programs unique to the region and educates master's-level, undergraduate and certificate students in a broad spectrum of health and information sciences. Learn more.

People trained through OHSU programs: 4,566
Students enrolled through OHSU: 2,895
Degrees awarded:  1,121
Faculty: 2,787
Students in joint programs, enrolled through other universities: 559
Residents and fellows in health care: 812
Postdoctoral fellows: 300


Number of alumni overall: 38,045 (living)
Number of alumni in Oregon: 20,120 (living)

Technology transfer

Startups launched: 6

Invention disclosures received: 133
License agreements: 62
US patent applications filed on new technology: 42

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Centers, institutes and research

OHSU is home to numerous specialized research centers and institutes. Among these are one of the first Clinical and Translational Sciences Award-funded programs, the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute, and one of the strongest MRI magnets in the world, at the Advanced Imaging Research Center

Award dollars: $376 million
Award dollars from out of state: 89%
Invention disclosures: 133
NIH funding ranking: 28th

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Areas of scientific leadership

OHSU scientists are known for discoveries in many fields, including:

  • Development of Gleevec™, the first targeted cancer therapy of its kind, which helped establish the field of precision cancer medicine;
  • Co-invention and surgical implantation of the world’s first artificial heart valve;
  • The understanding of fetal/developmental origins of chronic adult diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease;
  • Decoding the signals that nerve cells use to communicate;
  • Clinical trials of gene therapies to potentially prevent blindness;
  • Development of an HIV/AIDS vaccine candidate with the potential to clear an AIDS-causing virus from the body;
  • The combination of intravenous microbubbles with molecular targeting for early diagnosis of disease, breaking up blood clots and to deliver drugs and genes to precise anatomical sites;
  • Genetic findings to advance the development of autism drugs;
  • The use of skin cells from a non-human primate to create pluripotent stem cells.

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Clinical trials

OHSU leads and participates in hundreds of clinical trials. Learn more about current trials.

OHSU board of directors

OHSU is governed by a 10-member board of directors. Nine members are appointed by the governor of Oregon and confirmed by the Oregon State Senate. 

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OHSU executive leadership team

Joe Robertson, M.D., M.B.A.

Elena Andresen, Ph.D.
Interim Senior Vice President and Provost

John G. Hunter, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Interim Senior Vice President, Dean of the School of Medicine and President of the Faculty Practice Plan

Lawrence Furnstahl
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Connie Seeley
Senior Vice President for Public Affairs and Chief of Staff

Timothy Goldfarb
Interim Senior Vice President and Executive Director of OHSU Healthcare

Strategic plan

OHSU created a strategic plan in 2007; Vision 2020 was revisited in 2013 and sets goals for how OHSU serves Oregonians.


Growth and Change Chart


All data is from fiscal year 2015 with the exception of education statistics, which reflect the academic calendar year.