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Seeing because of someone else’s eyes

By Ariane Le Chevallier March 24, 2017
Surgeons at OHSU Casey Eye Institute are using a new technique called Halo graft, a patch made of donated corneal tissue, to perform tube shunt surgeries that prevent vision loss in glaucoma patients.

The biggest risk factor for heart disease? Diabetes

By Ariane Le Chevallier March 22, 2017
Kent Thornburg, Ph.D., has taken an unconventional approach to fighting chronic disease. On any given day, you can find him evangelizing this tenet: your risk for chronic diseases such as heart disease was determined before you were even born. As part of American Diabetes Association Alert Day and National Nutrition Month, read what he has to say about the biggest threats to good nutrition and heart health.

Stem cell treatment for stroke shows promising results, study finds

By Erik Robinson March 17, 2017
Stroke medication currently available must be given within three hours to have the maximum benefit, but many patients do not make it to the hospital in time to receive it. A newly developed potential treatment involving the use of stem cells to promote brain recovery may greatly extend this window.

Care received at end of life varies drastically by state

By Ariane Le Chevallier March 15, 2017
Oregonians with serious illness or frailty are more likely to have their end-of-life care wishes honored, less likely to be hospitalized, and more likely to use home hospice services than the rest of the country.

Researchers hone in on when, where Zika virus attacks

By Ariane Le Chevallier March 09, 2017
The Zika virus attacks tissues in the nervous system, male and female reproductive and urinary tracts, muscles, joints and lymph nodes, and persists for at least 35 days, according to a study conducted in a nonhuman primate model by a multidisciplinary team of researchers at OHSU in Portland, Oregon.

Eczema drug shows promise in clinical trials

By Elisa Williams March 08, 2017
A drug that works by targeting and blocking some of the body’s chemical messengers, which can become overactive in allergic reactions, shows promise in reducing symptoms caused by a severe form of eczema.
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