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Women can die if doctors treat them like men

By Ariane Le Chevallier August 16, 2017
OHSU's Circle of Giving program awards a $125,000 grant to Wei Huang, Ph.D., to continue research on developing a safer and faster MRI exam to detect breast cancer with high accuracy.

Study identifies new target to preserve nerve function

By Erik Robinson July 18, 2017
Scientists in the Vollum Institute at OHSU have identified an enzyme that plays a crucial role in the degeneration of axons, the threadlike portions of a nerve cell that transmit signals within the nervous system.

‘Why do birds sing?’

By Erik Robinson July 11, 2017
Claudio Mello, Ph.D., a professor of behavioral neuroscience in the OHSU School of Medicine who studies zebra finches shares his thoughts about the role of birds in understanding human biology and his growing appreciation for the natural world.

Offering a helping hand

By Erik Robinson July 04, 2017
Using a 3D printer, Albert Chi, M.D. constructed a pair of prosthetic hands for a 6-year-old Astoria boy.
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