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OHSU COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trial Update

Coronavirus Covid-19 vaccine concept - small glass vials with blue caps on white table, closeup detail (own design - dummy bar code)
Oregon Health Science University is part of the national clinical trial evaluating an experimental COVID vaccine developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca. (Getty Images)

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Oregon Health & Science University is inspired by the overwhelming number of people who have graciously volunteered to participate in the AstraZeneca and Oxford University COVID-19 vaccine trial at OHSU.

An astounding 13,000 people – and counting – have expressed interest in participating in this trial. From the bottom of our hearts, we are sincerely touched by local residents’ volunteer spirit and their eagerness to help Oregon get out from under COVID’s cloud.

The ever-changing and fast-moving nature of this pandemic means we now anticipate OHSU will only be able to enroll up to a few hundred individuals in this trial, given the timeframe available to us.

Study staff are reviewing all the critical information volunteers have already provided and are focusing on contacting those who are most likely to be eligible to enroll. Volunteers who receive a follow-up call from OHSU are asked to respond as soon as possible.

To ensure any vaccine can work well for the broadest group of people possible, the study sponsor is requesting its trial sites prioritize enrolling volunteers who have the highest risk for COVID-19 infection. This includes individuals who are essential or frontline workers and have routine contact with others during the pandemic, are Black, Indigenous and People of Color, and are older than 55, among other criteria. Individuals in the Portland area who meet the above criteria and are interested in contributing to this research are encouraged to volunteer by going to

To those who don’t become enrolled in the AstraZeneca and Oxford University trial, please know OHSU looks forward to future involvement in other COVID-19 trials, and we may contact you again if you meet criteria for other clinical trials.

We understand it may be disappointing not to be selected as a participant for this trial. All those who volunteered should know they have already made a valuable contribution toward the success of this important clinical trial, and to finding safe and effective solutions to the pandemic.

OHSU sincerely thanks Oregonians for their remarkable support during this difficult time.

Feb. 1, 2021, UPDATE: Nationwide enrollment in the Phase 3 AstraZeneca and Oxford University-led COVID-19 vaccine trial has been completed. Between Nov. 30, 2020, and mid-January, 2021, OHSU enrolled 111 trial participants, the majority of whom are Black, Indigenous and People of Color.

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