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Abortion is essential health care

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Content warning: In support of trauma-informed communications, please be aware that this message contains topics that may be activating for some community members. The Confidential Advocacy Program can be reached 24/7 by calling 833-495-2277. Additional resources for OHSU members are available here.


Every day at OHSU, thousands of dedicated researchers, clinicians, students and staff advance our focus of healing, teaching and discovery, to improve not just the lives of Oregonians, but of all those who interact with this institution. They do so with science as their guide and the belief that every individual should be able to make informed health care decisions for themselves, including whether or not to access abortion care.

History shows us that the impact of today’s decision by the United States Supreme Court to roll back the protections of Roe v. Wade guarantees one thing: Abortion will become unsafe and less accessible for far too many people in this country. It should not be this way. We believe that access to health care of any kind, including abortion, should not be limited by location, resources, bias, prejudice or the absence of care.

Here at OHSU, we are resolute in our commitment to provide the full continuum of sexual and reproductive health care — including abortion — to all who seek it, and to educate the next generation of clinicians and advance groundbreaking research. As we face a post-Roe world, we acknowledge the increased responsibility we have, along with other providers in Oregon, to ensure people from out-of-state are able to access the critical care they need.

To the individuals who need this care, we stand with you. To the dedicated clinicians and advocates who work tirelessly to provide and advance abortion care, we stand with you. OHSU is committed to doing everything we can to support and advocate for you and for equitable access to comprehensive reproductive services for all people.

OHSU is committed to ensuring a respectful, welcoming and inclusive place to learn, work and receive care for all people regardless of gender, race, religion and sexual orientation. Our position on this issue is based on our obligation to improve the health and well-being of Oregonians and beyond, not on politics. In taking a position on any issue, OHSU acknowledges that some within the community may disagree. We encourage respectful conversation and feedback so that we may all better understand one another. Only together can we fulfill our mission and stimulate the spirit of inquiry, initiative and cooperation among students, faculty and staff.


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