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Statement on OHSU student arrested during protest

Staff supported in right to participate in community activities, nonviolent protests

OHSU stands with communities calling for an end to the trauma and anguish people of color are suffering as a result of systemic racism. We recognize the important role our students, faculty, residents and staff play as members of the broader community and support their right to be involved in lawful civic and community activities.

We are a community of healers and fully support our members providing first aid to the community and engaging in nonviolent demonstrations. One of our students, Michael Martinez, was arrested in June while volunteering at a food and medical supply tent sponsored by OHSU. Although we cannot comment on the specifics of the case, he and his attorney are working to justly resolve this matter. We applaud and support Michael’s effort to serve our community during these tumultuous times.

George Mejicano, M.D., M.S., senior associate dean for education at the OHSU School of Medicine

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