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OHSU statement on sexual assault lawsuit filed Feb. 26, 2021

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OHSU does not condone behavior as described in the lawsuit. We are continuously working to evolve our culture, policies and practices to provide an environment where all learners, employees, patients and visitors feel safe and welcome. We take our role seriously in being part of the change that needs to happen across our country to end discrimination and power dynamics that allow for harassment. We remain committed to these ideals and will continue to prioritize them as a public leader in health care, education and research.

OHSU’s Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity department received the plaintiff’s complaint April 17, 2020. Following an initial assessment of the complaint, Dr. Jason Campbell was removed from clinical duties and excluded from campus or contact with the plaintiff shortly thereafter, consistent with our standard protocols. Following an investigation, which provided the plaintiff and Dr. Campbell an opportunity to be heard and substantiated that Dr. Campbell violated OHSU’s harassment policy and code of conduct, Dr. Campbell was referred for dismissal. He resigned in lieu of a dismissal hearing on October 23, 2020. OHSU subsequently reported our findings that Dr. Campbell violated our harassment policy and code of conduct to the University of Florida.  

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