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Non-Session OHSU + ONA Bargaining update June 29

OHSU ONA collective bargaining

OHSU and ONA agreed to have a caucus the week of June 26, where the parties worked on proposals within their own teams rather than meeting.  

Starting June 29, OHSU’s outside counsel will be Alyssa Melter replacing Mike Brunet, who has served in this role since bargaining with ONA began last December. The change in counsel was planned and coordinated with the firm representing OHSU. Ms. Melter has been involved with negotiations since early June and is well prepared to continue forward in negotiations.  

We thank Mr. Brunet for his leadership and officially welcome Ms. Melter to the OHSU bargaining team.  

Expiration of the contract 

As we shared June 28, the OHSU/ ONA contract will expire Friday, June 30. OHSU is committed to reaching an agreement and will continue bargaining with ONA in July. 

Going forward 

Mediation is scheduled to continue between OHSU and ONA July 5 and will be held at ONA. There are four mediation sessions scheduled in July. 

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