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OHSU will continue to recognize and dismantle systemic racism and advance diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

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Oregon Health & Science University is dedicated to fulfilling our commitment and responsibility to attracting and educating a diverse student body who reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of the communities we serve, and who are prepared to provide high-quality care with cultural humility.  

OHSU is proud to be a multicultural institution committed to building a diverse, equitable environment where all can thrive and excel. Patients should be able to see providers who understand and can meet their diverse needs; students learn best in diverse educational environments; and innovation happens when people with a wide variety of backgrounds, lived experiences and ideas are brought together. 

OHSU is reviewing today’s United States Supreme Court decision in Students for Fair Admissions v. President and Fellows of Harvard College to better understand the impact to OHSU’s admissions process and policies, and if any changes are necessary to comply with federal law. OHSU has not admitted students solely on the basis of race. We regret that the Court’s decision does not seem to recognize the continuing effects of systemic racism in our country and, with respect to OHSU’s mission, the resulting health disparities evident in our community. OHSU will continue to sustain its deep commitment to recognizing and dismantling systemic racism and to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

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