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OHSU and ONA reach tentative agreement

OHSU ONA collective bargaining

As communicated earlier this week, we are very pleased to announce that Oregon Health & Science University and the Oregon Nurses Association have reached a tentative agreement on a successor contract.

ONA members will vote on whether to ratify this tentative agreement in the coming week, Oct. 1-5. As soon as it’s ready, the redline of the new agreement (with new contract changes) will be made available for all ONA members to review before voting. None of the new contract changes can be implemented until after the vote passes. The economic provisions of this agreement shall be effective after the passage of two pay periods following ratification, unless otherwise noted within the agreement.

The new tentative agreement is the strongest contract nurses at OHSU have ever seen. Here are some of the enhancements:

  • Retro pay on gross earnings from July 3 through two full pay periods following ratification.
  • Wage increases of 15% (year 1), 6% (year 2) and 6% (year 3).
  • 30-step wage scale effective July 1, 2024 (no nurse will see a decrease due to the transition).
  • Critical Need Incentive at $46/hour for all extra shifts worked above FTE, with eligibility for resource nurses.
  • Night shift differential of 12.5% from 7 p.m. to –7 a.m. (year 1 and 2), and 13% (year 3).
  • Call pay increase to $8/hour and excess call to $10/hour.
  • Tiered call rates (based on hours on-call) of $8/hour, $10/hour and $12/hour starting July 1, 2024.
  • Certification pay will convert to an hourly differential of $2.50 starting the first full pay period following Jan. 1, 2025.
  • Specialty Float Pool differential increased to $9/hour for all nurses in the Specialty Float pool regardless of FTE and no waiting period.
  • Unit Staffing Stabilization Differential of $6/hour.
  • OHSU will invest $10 million in safety and security improvements before the 2023–2026 contract expires. A task force of OHSU employees will be granted the authority to determine the direction of investing the $10 million. At least 50% of the task force will be represented employees.  
  • Major improvements to workplace safety, including OHSU nurses assigned to the Emergency Department will receive enhanced, in-person de-escalation training that includes advanced physical skills and Code Green Response at the South Waterfront.
  • Allotted hours for meals and break coverage (no more buddy breaking).
  • Ability to bargain the impacts of an integration with Legacy.

Reaching a tentative agreement is a tremendous accomplishment, and we appreciate the dedication of both bargaining teams for their time spent in support of our nurses.

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