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OHSU releases Scott Schneider review

Dr. Jacobs ordered a review of processes, policies, actions involved in Marks matter
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OHSU President Danny Jacobs, M.D., M.P.H., FACS, and OHSU Board of Directors Chair Wayne Monfries shared this message with the OHSU community on Monday, April 29, 2024.

Dear OHSU community members,

Scott Schneider of Schneider Education and Employment Law has concluded his review of the processes, policies and actions taken or not taken by relevant leadership involved in the Dan Marks matter, which we first shared Jan. 12, 2024. 

Mr. Schneider delivered the report to the OHSU Board of Directors today, and we are immediately sharing the full review with the entire OHSU community, so all of us receive the same information in real time.

We also want to pause and apologize for all that happened to get us to this point. We will continue to change and improve; we are not there yet.

As the report is reviewed, we will identify where we have opportunities for improving our policies, processes or training, and any other necessary steps to address wrongs that occurred and will share them with the OHSU community in the coming weeks.

As a reminder, Mr. Schneider was not asked to investigate Dr. Marks’ actions — that investigation occurred. Rather, Mr. Schneider’s charge was to review the facts regarding the response to the Dr. Marks’ incident by all involved, including whether policies were followed as expected by OHSU leaders and whether our policies adequately respond to reports of misconduct with the urgency they deserve. 

Our sincere thanks to all of you who set aside time to speak with Mr. Schneider through interviews and conversations. Your continued engagement helps us understand our shortcomings, improve our culture and make OHSU a better place to work and learn.

Sincerely yours,

Danny Jacobs, M.D., M.P.H., FACS


Wayne Monfries

Board Chair

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