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At Our Best (July 7)

Corvallis Gazette-Times July 07, 2018
Alexander Hoffman, of Corvallis, Oregon, wins OHSU’s Outstanding Medical Student Award.

Report: Doctors who recommend drugs for approval often get big pharma money after

Gizmodo July 06, 2018
In an article on physicians who receive money from pharma after recommending drugs for approval, Vinay Prasad, M.D., says: “The people who are asked to weigh this evidence impartially often stand to gain tremendously in their further professional careers from a positive relationship with the company.”

Sleep apnea: 8 things that make it worse

U.S. News & World Report July 06, 2018
In an article that highlights eight things that make sleep apnea worse, Asha Singh, M.D., says, “The main factor that contributes to sleep apnea is obesity."
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