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Female cancer survivors face years of neuropathy

MedPage Today June 21, 2017
Study led by Dr. Kerri Winters-Stone concludes that many years after completing treatment, nearly half of female cancer survivors continue to experience chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy symptoms.

The Handmaid's Tale: Unraveling the fictional dystopia

Science and Film June 16, 2017
Dr. Paula Amato co-authors opinion piece discussing fertility; she says “…The Handmaid’s Tale serves as a reminder that reproductive rights should be fiercely protected for the sake of women’s health and society in general.”

Report: White House task force echoes pharma proposals

Huffington Post June 16, 2017
In response to documentation from the White House “Drug Pricing and Innovation Working Group”, Dr. Vinay Prasad says: “This six-page document contains the kind of solutions to the cost-of-drugs problem that you would get if you gathered together all the executives of pharma and asked them ‘What sort of token gestures can we do?’”
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