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Solving bladder control problems

Berkeley Wellness June 11, 2021
A feature cites an OHSU study about that suggests acupuncture may help overactive bladder syndrome.

Blood test for multiple cancers ― too many false positives?

Medscape June 10, 2021
The first results of a multi-center study demonstrate a routine blood test is capable of detecting many different cancers even before symptoms arise; presenting author Tomasz Beer, M.D., says: “Most importantly, it can detect cancers that have no recommended screening tests today, and more than two-thirds of cancers go unscreened for this reason. These results are a pivotal step toward extending early detection to many more types of cancer.”

Phone call program offers comfort to isolated seniors

The Bend Bulletin June 08, 2021
The OHSU Community Research Hub in Bend will analyze phone call statistics gathered by the Central Oregon Health Council to understand the effects of weekly calls to isolated seniors in Central Oregon.

Podcast: Features of a zero-burnout primary care practice

Health Affairs June 08, 2021
An OHSU study led by Samuel Edwards, M.D., describes the characteristics of practices where clinical and nonclinical staff report an absence of burnout and compare them to practices where burnout is high.

Myocarditis: What we know about the heart reaction reported after COVID-19 vaccines

MSN June 08, 2021
Following a review of seven cases of heart muscle inflammation in teen boys who received mRNA vaccines, Judith Guzman Cottrill, D.O., says: "Based on the current data, the benefits of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine overwhelmingly outweigh the risks, and those able to get the vaccine should continue to do so at this time."

People of color have twice the risk of dying after brain injury, study finds

HealthDay June 07, 2021
A study led by Ahmed Raslan, M.D., finds people of color are more than twice as likely to die after a traumatic brain injury as white people: "We have a societal and professional duty to recognize and accept that the effects of structural racism have taken hold of our patients' health long before they arrive in our trauma bays, ICU beds, and operating tables."
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