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Struggles with the healthcare waiting game

Herald and News March 10, 2019
Joyce Hollander-Rodriguez, M.D., says that, in collaboration with OHSU educational efforts, the Sky Lakes Collaborative Health Center could help to address rural health care challenges, including physician shortages.

Heart-healthy diet plan: minimally processed plant foods, lean meat and seafood

The Bulletin March 08, 2019
A Bend Bulletin article written by Tracy Severson, R.D., L.D., provides guidance to individuals seeking a heart-healthy diet. “The key is consistency. Instead of starting a highly restrictive diet that you will inevitably quit, begin making small but sustainable changes to your daily routine,” she says.

Making cancer a rare disease

The Bulletin March 08, 2019
An OHSU patient enrolled in the SMMART trial shares her exceptional response to treatment and says: “I had to tell my family so many bad things over the summer to be able to tell them some good news, they cried with happiness. It’s going to go down as one of the highlights of my life.”

What causes bulging eyes?

U.S. News & World Report March 08, 2019
Roger Dailey, M.D., discusses the evaluation and diagnosis process for cases of thyroid eye disease.
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