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OHSU's smile doctor: Saving brain injury patients from isolation

KATU-TV November 14, 2018
Myriam Loyo Li, M.D., discusses treatment options for people with facial paralysis: “When I went to medical school, these surgeries were not possible, so it’s something that we really need to work to educate our community of doctors, of patients, that we have new treatments for facial paralysis.”

OHSU helps veterans with employment training program

KATU-TV November 12, 2018
OHSU’s Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences offers Veteran Supportive Supervisor Training to help “civilian employers embrace and support their veteran workers,” said Leslie Hammer, Ph.D.

OSU researchers closer to gonorrhea vaccine

KTVZ-TV November 08, 2018
Aleksandra Sikora, Ph.D., of the OSU/OHSU College of Pharmacy and the OHSU Vaccine & Gene Therapy Institute led an international group to perform proteomic profiling on 15 strains of the microbe Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

'Without I-CAN, I would be lost'

Mail Tribune November 08, 2018
While celebrating the fifth anniversary of the OHSU Interprofessional Care Access Network’s West Medford site, Heather Voss, Ph.D., R.N., says she and OHSU students help I-CAN clients reach their health care goals because “oftentimes, folks are not able to be as healthy as they want to be for lots of reasons.”

Data offers new insights into AML

Cancer Discovery November 06, 2018
Shannon McWeeney, Ph.D., and Brian Druker, M.D., discuss the recent Beat AML study with the AACR publication.
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