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Trump thinks this Is pro-life?

The New York Times April 22, 2017
Dr. Rahel Nardos is quoted in The New York Times column by Nicholas Kristof on plans to cut off federal foreign aid for women’s health care programs.

Henrietta Lacks’ cells may be responsible for the future of medicine

Huffington Post April 21, 2017
Following the release of a movie about Henrietta Lacks, a woman whose unauthorized cells have fueled some of the most noteworthy scientific advancement in modern medicine, Dr. Andrew Adey says, “We use HeLa cells to calibrate and refine our technologies because we know exactly which mutations are present. Just about every single technology we work on developing, we use HeLa cells first.”

Cancer diagnosis: 15 excellent answers to “What next?”

OncoLink April 20, 2017
OncoLink article lists “15 Excellent Answers to ‘What Next’” following a cancer diagnosis, including getting a second opinion … from Dr. Tomasz Beer, “arguably the nation’s leading prostate cancer researcher.”

Why are allergies worse in warmer months?

KOIN-TV April 19, 2017
Dr. Anthony Montanaro says he sees allergy patients year-round, regardless of climatic conditions, but “with climate change we’ve definitely seen a change in the nature of our pollen season.”
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