OHSU in the news

These are the 25 fullest Oregon and S.W. Washington hospitals

Portland Business Journal February 25, 2020
OHSU has the second-highest occupancy rate among all hospitals in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Matthias Merkel, M.D., says: “If a hospital is too empty, that’s stressful; if it’s too full, that’s stressful. Getting it exactly right hardly ever happens.”

Your bones do more than you give them credit for

Popular Science February 25, 2020
Luiz Bertassoni, D.D.S., Ph.D., describes bone as a “living organ” and notes that it “regulates a wide variety of biological phenomena in the body” in a story about the calcified organ.

Jimmy Fallon goes sneaker shopping with Complex

Complex February 24, 2020
Jimmy Fallon purchases a pair of Doernbecher Air Jordan 6 shoes while sneaker shopping in New York City. The late-night television host says: “I want to get a ‘Doernbecher’ shoe. It is amazing what Nike does. It raises so much money for the hospital."

New brain implant at OHSU controls tremor

MSN February 24, 2020
An OHSU patient experiences increased quality of life following surgery to treat his essential tremor. Delaram Safarpour, M.D., says new health care technology is “the biggest advancement over the last several years".
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