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VR technology helps OHSU students, surgeons visualize pediatric heart defects

KOIN-TV May 23, 2023
In a KOIN-TV story on how doctors are using virtual reality to better understand pediatric heart defects, echocardiographer Jeremiah Moore says, "I grew up playing video games and this seems like a natural progression for me, taking those skills and passions and applying it to my profession."

The taboo around medicine’s most ignored organ is finally being broken

Positive News May 23, 2023
A story describing various research related to the vagina and other genitalia notes a study led by Blair Peters, M.D., found the human clitoris has more than 10,000 nerve endings. Peters studies clitoral nerves to inform gender-affirming genital surgery and to improve sexual health.

Should You Start Wearing Hearing Aids? Experts Note the Benefits

Health magazine May 23, 2023
In a story by Health magazine noting that 13% of adults older than 18 have some hearing loss, Timothy Hullar, M.D., says, “The first thing is to know when your hearing is at risk. Anytime people are in an environment where their ears ring afterward, their hearing has been damaged and we currently don’t have any way of overcoming that other than a hearing aid.”

Beaverton student named by White House as a U.S. Presidential Scholar

FOX News May 22, 2023
Aaron Grossberg, M.D., Ph.D., tells KPTV that high school student Rishab Jain reached out to him to collaborate with his lab virtually. He says: "The rate at which he was able to learn and implement these things was really tremendous – I seldom see that out of graduate students or post docs, being able to turn over ideas that quickly and move forward. I hope he hires me someday to work for whatever incredible endeavor he undertakes, he’s really special.”

Diet or regular? According to new WHO report it doesn’t matter

KOIN-TV May 22, 2023
Diane Stadler, Ph.D., discusses a new report from the World Health Organization on artificial sweeteners. She says the goal of the report is to advise people in positions of decision or policy-making, such as a nutrition lead at a hospital or a school.
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