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HIV triggers immune system 'amnesia' to smallpox: Study

U.S. News & World Report January 16, 2020
Research led by Mark Slifka, Ph.D., finds HIV patients being treated with antiretroviral therapy lose their immunity to smallpox despite having received a childhood vaccination against the disease.

HIV In newborns | Tiny boats

OPB: Think Out Loud January 13, 2020
Research led by Nancy Haigwood, Ph.D., finds a single dose of antibodies given 30 hours after viral exposure can prevent infection in baby rhesus macaques born to HIV-positive mothers.

Third body buried by Idaho avalanche identified

The Associated Press January 10, 2020
Molly Hubbard, M.D., a pediatric neurosurgery fellow recently hired as a faculty member, died this week in an avalanche while skiing near Kellogg, Idaho.

Blueprint Medicines wins FDA approval for its first drug

Boston Globe January 09, 2020
Blueprint Medicines announces FDA approval of AYVAKIT, a drug for patients with a form of gastrointestinal stromal tumor, or GIST; study investigator Michael Heinrich, M.D., says: “Building on our growing understanding of the molecular basis of GIST, this milestone ushers in a new era of precision medicine in this disease.”

When I needed to talk

CURE January 08, 2020
Knight Cancer Institute volunteer Sherry Hanson writes a piece for CURE on the importance of communicating with those going through cancer treatment.
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