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Ophthalmologists spend substantial time on EHR use

Medscape October 17, 2017
A study led by researchers at Casey Eye Institute finds ophthalmologists spend more than a quarter of their time with patients on electronic health records, despite already having limited time overall to spend with patients.

A little hearing loss is a big deal

Rare Disease Report October 15, 2017
Kristin Knight discusses the long-term outcomes of ototoxicity in families with children who underwent cisplatin therapy for pediatric cancer and are developing hearing loss.”

Can a building help cure cancer?

OPB October 14, 2017
OPB-Radio interviews Knight Cancer Institute leaders for a series of stories on the new research building, early cancer detection.

Little evidence new cancer drugs improve survival

Reuters Health October 13, 2017
In response to a study that found most new cancer drugs approved in Europe in recent years can’t help patients live longer or improve their quality of life, Dr. Vinay Prasad says: “While it makes sense to use drugs that shrink cancer and slow growth, the reality is sometimes we do that, but a person doesn’t live any longer.
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