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Needed: Native Doctors

M.D./alert March 07, 2018
Princeton Alumni Weekly publishes an article on the lack of Native American physicians in the United States; Erik Brodt, M.D.’s work to successfully launch the Northwest Center for Native American Excellence is highlighted.

Onerous laws exclusively target abortion clinics

Reuters Health March 05, 2018
A study led by Maria Rodriguez, M.D., finds state laws governing facilities that oversee abortions are more numerous and burdensome than laws governing facilities overseeing other medical procedures.

Wounds from military-style rifles? ‘A ghastly thing to see’

The New York Times March 04, 2018
In a The New York Times article on the horrific injuries military-style rifles cause, Martin Schreiber, M.D., says “You will see multiple organs shattered. The exit wounds can be a foot wide. I’ve seen people with entire quadrants of their abdomens destroyed.”

New guidelines establish the rights of women when giving birth

NPR March 01, 2018
The World Health Organization says long, slow labor is not necessarily dangerous; Aaron Caughey, M.D., Ph.D., says in 1955 Dr. Emanuel Friedman concluded labor is normal when the cervix opens one centimeter hour, "and that became the standard of care”: NPR story picked up by public radio stations around the country.
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