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OHSU intends to implement COVID-19 vaccination requirement

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As Oregon’s academic health center, OHSU is committed to improving the health and well-being of all Oregonians, and that includes providing a safe work, learning and patient care environment for the many communities we serve.

All three of the COVID-19 vaccines approved by the FDA have proved safe and highly effective in protecting people from contracting the deadly coronavirus. With that in mind, OHSU intends to require COVID-19 vaccination for anyone with an OHSU identification badge, to the fullest extent allowed by law. This includes employees, learners, volunteers and long-term vendors/contractors.

OHSU badge holders may receive an exemption for religious, medical or nonmedical reasons, including an employee’s role at the university, as allowed under state or federal law.

OHSU will continue to meet with learners, employees, Faculty Senate leadership and unions over the summer as we work to finalize OHSU’s COVID-19 vaccination program and prepare for a return to campus this fall.

To facilitate informed decision making, OHSU will continue to offer member education about COVID-19 vaccines and our vaccination policies. We also will continue our efforts to ensure every Oregonian, including OHSU members, have access to vaccines.

Wearing masks and other protective equipment, physically distancing and avoiding large gatherings are essential to preventing infections from spreading, but getting vaccinated is how Oregonians, and the rest of the country, will prevent more infectious variants from developing and bring this pandemic to an end. 

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