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OHSU-AFSCME collective bargaining enters week 16

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The bargaining teams met June 28, and both teams used most of the day as a work session. Members of the bargaining teams also broke off into subcommittee meetings to discuss mental health and other topics better suited for small group discussion.

It’s important to note that the contract with AFSCME will expire Thursday, June 30. However, the law requires both OHSU and AFSCME to generally maintain the terms and conditions of employment that were in place under the expired contract. Terms and conditions of employment include many provisions of the contract, including pay and benefits. Working without a contract has very little impact on an employee’s day-to-day experience in their job. 

 The OHSU team appreciated the dialogue from yesterday’s session, and looks forward to more of the same as they work toward an agreement. 



The OHSU team presented several responses:

  • 5.11, 5.15, 15.1.3, Appendix B – Flex Employees package: This package offers various enhancements — specifically holiday pay, insurance eligibility and specific market-based increases — for flexible staff in return for minimum guaranteed availability.
  • 5.29 – Relief employees: This proposal about relief availability was withdrawn.
  • 6.x – Exit interviews: The OHSU team committed to implement exit interviews within one year of ratification of the contract.
  • 7.6 – Meal periods: The OHSU team agreed to a streamlined version of the language that asks employees to let the person in charge know if a meal or rest break may be missed.
  • 11.2 – Holiday Compensation: The OHSU team agreed to a look-back of holiday pay accuracy for part-time employees who are working more hours than their FTE.
  • 22.1.4 – Shared responsibility: OHSU will publish an annual message to employees related to development opportunities.
  • Package of items from articles 23 and 24 related to grievances and discipline, specifically agreeing to limit the disciplinary items that OHSU may use at the third step of progressive discipline to only include suspension without pay, suspension of seniority rights, or demotion.
  • MOU #UX14 – Access to computers and time to review work-related communications: The OHSU team responded to AFSCME’s proposal related to dedicating work time to access computers for reading emails, checking OHSU Now, Compass trainings and other activities.



The AFSCME team engaged in subcommittee meetings with members of the OHSU bargaining team.  Progress was made toward agreement on mental health and other topics.



The teams will next meet on July 5 in an agreed-upon mediation session. Mediation is a routine part of collective bargaining where a neutral third party works with both teams to facilitate reaching an agreement. The teams also agreed to three additional days of mediation in July and August as they work toward agreement on a new contract.

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