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OHSU and AFSCME spend this week in a work session

OHSU-AFSCME collective bargaining

AFSCME had requested that the July 12 session be a working session, so the teams did not meet with each other this week. 

Nonetheless, the parties reached several TAs:

  • 7.6 Meal Periods
  • 22.1.4 Shared Responsibility NEW MOU #UX9 Community Service Leave
  • NEW MOU #UX14 Access to Computers and Time to Review Work-Related Communications

AFSCME also notified OHSU that it was withdrawing a few of its proposals, meaning that AFSCME is no longer seeking the proposed changes to these contract sections:

  • 10.UX2 Degree Differential
  • 10.UX5.1 Assignment of Shifts (float)
  • MOU #UX11 Employer Assisted Child Care Task Force


The teams will meet again July 19 in a mediation session, which is a routine part of collective bargaining where a neutral third party works with both teams to facilitate reaching an agreement. Additionally, the teams have agreed to three more days of mediation later this month (July 27 and July 28) and on Aug. 19. 

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