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OHSU-AFSCME collective bargaining enters week 19

OHSU-AFSCME collective bargaining

The teams met July 19 in an agreed-upon mediation session, which is a routine part of collective bargaining where a neutral third party works with both teams to facilitate reaching an agreement.

There was a lot of dialogue during the session, along with general clarifying questions and conversation. The teams additionally provided examples to better articulate perspectives.

The teams also reached a few tentative agreements:

  • 21.1 Reorganization
  • 21.3 Upward Reclassification
  • MOU 19 Employees Employed Prior to September 11, 1998



Several packaged proposals — meaning no item can be agreed to individually, rather the whole package must be responded to — were brought forward by the OHSU bargaining team:

An on-call and call-back package addresses sections 7.8, 9.2 and 10.2 of the agreement. Within this package, the OHSU team proposes:

  • 7.8 On call: Including various clarifying changes.
  • 9.2 Call back: Including new language that would allow for call-back pay for someone who works on-call immediately following the end of their regularly scheduled shift. In addition, callback pay at 1.5 times would be provided for all hours worked after being called back.
  • 10.2 On-call pay: Keeping current contract language.
  • Letter of Agreement (LOA) – Endoscopy Technician Unit Call Incentive: An LOA was proposed specific to Endoscopy Technicians regarding one-time payments for supplemental call shifts.

During the session, the OHSU team put forth a new mediation economic package. Though many pieces of the package remain the same, including the across-the-board wages, many sections were updated to incorporate feedback received by the AFSCME team, including an MOU for recognition bonuses, along with revised language related to leaves, holidays, overtime and additional need incentives (ANI).  The changes from OHSU’s last economic package include:

  • MOU regarding recognition bonuses: The OHSU team is proposing that, for the duration of the contract, all employees with, or reaching, three years of service receive a one-time recognition bonus of $500 for 0.5-1.0 FTE and $250 for 0-0.49 FTE.
  • 9.1.4 Scheduling and assignment of overtime: Language was modified to note that the union will be notified if it is not possible for an employee on premises to be relieved after 24 hours of continuous work.
  • 10.UX4 Preceptor pay: The “preceptor” name will be kept in this section. OHSU encouraged the union to bring forward additional specific positions that it wishes to be eligible for preceptor pay.
  • 10.UX7 Additional need incentive: The OHSU team is proposing a minimum rate of 20% for ANI shifts, which may be different for different roles/situations and that could be increased if necessary.
  • 11.1 Recognized holidays: Language was added indicating that employees may be granted use of the Juneteenth and Indigenous People’s Day floating holidays on a first come, first served basis.
  • 11.2.1 Compensation for work unit holiday closures: This newly proposed language notes that employees may request to work a different day or work on the day of the closure and OHSU will make a good-faith effort to grant those requests.
  • 12.1 Accrual of vacation time: The OHSU team proposes an additional vacation day (112 hours/14 days) for employees in the 0 to 5-year tier.

In addition to these packages, the OHSU team submitted a counter-proposal to section 8.3, merit-based adjustments, accepting language noting that an employee may request from their supervisor/manager a merit-based wage adjustment or lump sum bonus at any time.


The AFSCME team submitted several counter-proposals for consideration:

  • MOU #13 Child care stipend: This MOU was updated to reflect a reimbursement model similar to the OHSU 2020 Childcare Hardship Fund.
  • MOU UX5 Paid family leave: AFSCME adjusted their proposal asking for OHSU to be responsible for the employee-paid portion of this new state leave. Additionally, they proposed that OHSU provide the same employee paid parental leave that unclassified employees receive until Oregon’s paid family leave is effective in September 2023.
  • 2.1 Designated union representatives: AFSCME counter-proposed changes regarding steward activities. This was presented as part of a package, which includes the entirety of Article 2 and MOU #16.
  • 6.X Exit interviews: AFSCME provided some updated language.
  • 9.X Sign-on bonuses: The AFSCME team clarified eligibility language regarding parity for incumbents when sign-on bonuses are offered to new employees in the same class.
  • 10.1.1 Shift differential: AFSCME’s counter-proposal expanded when employees would receive shift differentials.
  • 10.UX1 Advanced professional certification differential: AFSCME’s team countered OHSU’s proposed MOU to create a joint task force with guidelines for the task force’s work.
  • 10.UX3 Unforeseen environmental hazard differential: The AFSCME team proposes changing the differential to $2/hour.
  • 13.2 Attendance recognition: The AFSCME team counter-proposed 1:1 sick time for vacation time conversation and modified the number of hours that could be converted.
  • 22.1.5 AFSCME inclusion in workforce development initiatives or plans: The intent of this proposal is to be sure AFSCME and OHSU are aligned for organization-wide legislative initiatives.

AFSCME’s proposals related to Article 15 were presented as a package:

  • 15 Insurance: The AFSCME team accepted OHSU’s language regarding insurance rates versus benefits dollars. They also reduced their ask for insurance contribution to 95%.
  • 15.2.1 Full-time employees (insurance): In their counter-proposal, the AFSCME team put forth language for part-time and flexible employees to be eligible for full-time insurance if they work full-time hours.

The AFSCME team also presented portions of the discipline/grievances package:

  • 23.1 Progressive discipline: The AFSCME team removed demotion as a potential outcome of a final written warning.
  • 24.1.4 Grievance procedure: In this section, the AFSCME team counter-proposed that failure to engage in problem-solving shall not be a cause for denying a grievance.

Additionally, the AFSCME team submitted a counter-proposal to package related to flexible employees -- sections 5.11, 5.15, 8.4.5, 11.2, 15.1.3, 15.1.4 and Appendix B -- with language clarifying work requirements and the process for removing flexible staff who are not meeting availability requirements. Regarding 11.2 holiday compensation, AFSCME responded in alignment to OHSU’s proposal to add flex employees to holiday pay eligibility when they work on a holiday.



July 26 will be used as a working day. The teams will meet in person for mediation July 27 and July 28.  

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