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Session 2 of OHSU-GRU collective bargaining

The teams exchanged proposals, counterproposals; reached a tentative agreement
GRU bargaining

Members of the Oregon Health & Science University and Graduate Researchers United (GRU) bargaining teams met virtually Tuesday, Feb. 7, in their second collective bargaining session.

OHSU proposals 

  • Article 4 Union Rights; sect. 4.7 FERPA: OHSU proposed incorporating terms of a letter of agreement negotiated during the contract term on sharing of contact information of bargaining unit members with the GRU. 
  • Article 4 Union Rights; sect. 4.8 Orientation Meetings: OHSU proposed changes clarifying the role of the GRU to run orientation meetings, and OHSU’s assistance in providing notice to Graduate Researchers (GR). 
  • Article 6 Union Security and Dues Deduction; sect. 6.2 Dues Deduction: OHSU proposed language to align with payroll practices and pay periods. 
  • Article 6 Union Security and Dues Deduction; sect. 6.4: OHSU proposed to add provision for deduction to a second AFSCME political fund. 
  • Article 10 Hours of Work, sect. 5: OHSU proposed to update language to reflect the creation of a Research Training Conditions Committee by OHSU and GRU during the contract term. 

OHSU counter-proposals  

  • Article 20 Grievance and Arbitration; sect. 20.3 Union Representation: OHSU agreed with expanding the number of persons able to participate on behalf of a GR at a grievance procedure.
  • Article 20; sect. 20.4 (3) Non-Grievable Disputes and Limitations on Arbitration of Specific Disputes: OHSU maintains that Article 10 should remain in this section and disputes over Article 10 cannot be arbitrated.
  • Article 20; sect. 20.5.1 Grievance Steps; Step 1: OHSU proposed a 21-day timeframe to meet and attempt to develop an acceptable solution after a Step 1 grievance has been filed.

GRU proposals 

  • Article 8 Stipends, Tuition, and Fees, and Other Benefits; section 8.8 Overpayment and Underpayments: GRU proposed incorporating the Overpayment and Underpayment Letter of Agreement into the Collective Bargaining Agreement as a new section.
  • Appendix on DEI: GRU proposed an appendix that includes definitions and responsibilities of OHSU.

GRU counter-proposals 

  • Article 4 Union Rights; sect. 4.7 FERPA: GRU proposed GRs have the ability to opt out instead of opt in to the sharing of personal contact information of individual bargaining unit members.

Tentative agreements

The teams reached a tentative agreement on Article 6 Union Security and Dues Deduction.

Going forward

The teams will next meet Tuesday, Feb. 21, with bimonthly-to-weekly meetings as determined by the teams.

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