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OHSU, ONA collective bargaining enters week 6

Teams reconvened negotiations with an in-person session at ONA
OHSU ONA collective bargaining

Wednesday, Feb. 1, members of the Oregon Health & Science University and Oregon Nurses Association bargaining teams met for in-person negotiations at ONA’s offices, and exchanged proposals and counterproposals. 

The teams began the day with a presentation by ONA regarding workplace safety issues and the importance of these issues to the bargaining unit. ONA later provided a detailed proposal about workplace safety, while OHSU provided two counterproposals and a new incentive package. 


The ONA team shared a detailed proposal on Article 26 – Health and Safety, including a new Nursing Health and Safety Committee; new language around safety services throughout the hospital campus and the Emergency Department specifically; responses to workplace violence; and continued support of the suicide prevention program.  

OHSU provided two counterproposals for ONA’s consideration, plus a new proposal around incentives. 

  • The OHSU team made a package proposal around incentive payments. This proposal introduced a new incentive of $35/hour available to nurses who provide advance notice of availability for working four or more shifts above their FTE for the next schedule period. OHSU shared that they hope this incentive would allow OHSU and nurses to better plan for working extra shifts, and reduce stress on the units from last-minute CNI. OHSU’s proposal would also retain CNI at an increased rate of $25/hour (up from $20/hour in the contract), and allow OHSU more discretion about when/where to declare CNI, as well as increasing CNI rates.   
  • OHSU made a counterproposal on Article 15 – Leaves of Absence, which agreed to and expanded on ONA’s proposal around domestic violence leave, added language to jury leave, and added more paid hours for pre-retirement counseling leave. 
  • OHSU also counter proposed on Article 18 – Seniority, agreeing to ONA’s changes and also proposing that seniority would not be adjusted until after an employee is out for more than 90 days (up from 15) on an approved leave without pay.   

Tentative Agreement 

The parties did not reach tentative agreements this session. 

Going forward 

The parties are meeting weekly for the next two weeks. Virtual negotiations will resume Feb. 8, 2023.

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