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Small town, big emergencies

The Other Oregon September 27, 2019
A feature in The Other Oregon outlines the unique experience of rural health care. Among the challenges, Robert Duehmig notes that “money, personnel and medical equipment shortages are constant.”

Lymphedema risk in breast ca linked to NAC duration

MedPageToday September 24, 2019
John Vetto, M.D., authors a commentary addressing lymphedema after breast cancer treatment or surgery; Vetto says a recent study “underscores the well-known but often undiscussed association between lymphedema and BMI.”

10 car seat mistakes from an expert who has installed thousands. 'Don't be in a hurry'

USA Today September 20, 2019
Ben Hoffman, M.D., discusses fixes for the 10 most common car seat mistakes made by parents, caregivers. He says: “Car seats are awesome. They work and they save lives. They’re also hard…Families shouldn’t feel like they have to be able to do it [install] perfectly. Reaching out and getting help is brilliant.”
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