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BLU-667 exhibits durable activity in RET-altered thyroid cancer

HemOnc Today June 03, 2019
A HemOncToday article outlines results for a thyroid cancer clinical trial led by Matthew Taylor, M.D. “It’s exciting to see that this is such a relevant molecular target, and that it can be targeted with a highly selective specific drug that doesn’t cause as many off-target side effects as the other drugs in the market,” says Taylor.

What is the best travel car seat, stroller and crib?

People Magazine June 03, 2019
An article that reviews the safest infant travel equipment - such as strollers, car seats and cribs – includes insight from Ben Hoffman, M.D.: “The car safety seat is going to do a much better job of protecting a kid in the event of turbulence than just a lap belt alone.”

Fighting cancer from all angles: OHSU conference teaches holistic approach to healing

KGW-TV June 01, 2019
OHSU hosts its first-ever conference to provide information and resources regarding integrative medicine options like massage, acupuncture, and more for patients going through cancer treatment. Susan Hedlund, M.S.W., says: “We don't want people to just survive. We want people to thrive. And the integrative medicine adds to that possibility”

The curious case of the contaminated CBD oil

The Leaf News May 31, 2019
Tony Rianprakaisang, M.D., discusses a 2018 patient case study wherein a child experienced negative health impacts following the utilization of CBD oil that included the synthetic cannabinoid AB-FUBINACA.
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