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Blockchain Six announced

Portland Tribune August 06, 2019
OHSU is a partner in the Oregon Enterprise Blockchain Venture Studio, which is helping six companies develop blockchain technology-related products and service.

I spent six years learning how to treat my severe eczema

Glamour August 06, 2019
In a patient essay describing her experience with eczema, Jon Hanifin, M.D., describes how to best hydrate skin with eczema: “I always recommend something you have to scoop out. Lotions are mostly around 60% alcohol and water and you don’t want to put that on dry skin.”

Assuming mass shooters have a mental illness is dangerous, experts say

KXTV-TV August 06, 2019
In a KGW-TV story exploring claims that mental illness contributed to recent mass shootings, Ajit Jetmalani, M.D., says: “The risk, because we don't understand the problem fully, is to come up with a solution that is inadequate. And people who do have mental illness associated with this horrific notion of mass shootings will then be less likely to seek care or identify they have a mental illness themselves.”

Shared Breath

LongReads July 31, 2019
Frederick Tibayan, M.D., comments on the impact and process of organ donation.
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