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OHSU-AFSCME collective bargaining enters week three

Bargaining update: New proposals exchanged
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Members of the OHSU and AFSCME collective bargaining teams met Tuesday, March 29. Marking tangible progress, three tentative agreements were reached related to:

  • Recognition of campus dispatchers as a separate bargaining unit.
  • Employee use of email.
  • The composition of the labor management committee.


OHSU proposals:

The OHSU team put forth several new proposals, including:

  • Availability requirements for flex employees.
  • Language regarding vacation requests, in an effort to increase approved vacations for more employees.
  • Systems around availability of additional work and overtime scheduling. The new systems would continue to allow for seniority bidding of overtime, while expanding first-come, first-served sign-up.


AFSCME proposals:

The AFSCME team provided several proposals centered on the following:

  • Increasing longevity rates to every five years.
  • Increasing promotion rate minimum.
  • Four new holidays, including a Memorandum of Understanding for floating holidays.
  • For employees with promotional and lateral opportunities at OHSU, increasing test and interview leaves.
  • Increasing the OHSU contribution toward insurance.
  • Raising the maximum limit of flex staff, and adding benefits and adjustments related to flex staff probationary periods.
  • Lowering parking rates for eligible employees and adjusting the price of TriMet passes.
  • Lowering the number of hours employees must work to qualify for bargaining unit membership.


In addition to the new proposals, the teams also exchanged counter-proposals on matters raised in prior weeks.


Going forward:

All proposals and counter-proposals will be reviewed and discussed at upcoming collective bargaining sessions.


Next meeting date:

Collective bargaining will continue next Tuesday, April 5. 

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