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OHSU-AFSCME bargaining enters week 22

Remote work, exit interviews among the topics discussed
OHSU-AFSCME collective bargaining

The OHSU and AFSCME bargaining teams met Tuesday in the latest virtual bargaining session — largely a work day for both teams, with conversations continuing from last week’s session. The teams are preparing for two sessions next week, one on Tuesday and then another all-day mediated session on Friday.

The teams also reached two tentative agreements:

  • 12.4.3 Submission and granting of vacation and holiday time off requests
  • 24.3 Release time



Along with an MOU, the OHSU team brought forward packages related to remote work and Article 2:

  • Conversation continued regarding remote work. The OHSU team’s remote work package indicates AFSCME would be notified of proposed organization-wide remote work changes, acknowledges that certain modifications to remote work plans would need to be bargained in the future, and allows for employees to use paid time to drop-off or pick up technology or equipment.
  • Items within Article 2, union provisions, were presented as a package by the OHSU team. The team responded to language regarding a notice period for union visits and about minimizing patient care impact.
  • OHSU’s proposed MOU on exit interviews specifies that employees may request a copy of their exit interview, and that employees can opt into sharing their responses anonymously with the union.



The AFSCME team spent much of the time working on proposals in anticipation of next week’s sessions. Additionally, the AFSCME team reviewed proposals submitted by the OHSU team.



The teams will meet twice next week: a normal session on Tuesday, Aug. 16, and again with the mediator on Friday, Aug. 19.

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