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OHSU-AFSCME collective bargaining enters week 23

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The teams met Tuesday in the latest bargaining session. They focused on exchanging language to try to narrow the issues leading up to Friday’s marathon bargaining session with the mediator. 

The teams reviewed counter-proposals on several topics, including remote work and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) package, among others. The majority of the afternoon was spent reviewing and responding to AFSCME’s proposed packages, with the teams coming to several tentative agreements:

  • Article 2, Union provisions
  • 5.37 Designated union representative
  • 6.13 Contracting out services
  • 8.11 Underpayments and overpayments
  • MOU Travelers and temporary workers



The AFSCME team presented several packages for OHSU’s consideration:

  • Clean up package: The AFSCME team responded to OHSU’s proposed package containing 7.11, clean up time, and 7.11.1 special clothing. 
  • DEI package: The AFSCME team spent some time reviewing the recently proposed DEI package from OHSU. Within their response, the AFSCME team added new language and definitions to include additional categories and examples. They also proposed language that would modify the initially proposed process for managing complaints. In their response, the AFSCME team is asking that Juneteenth and Indigenous People’s Day be included as floating holidays, and Presidents Day be maintained as a current recognized holiday within 11.1, recognized holidays.
  • Grievance procedure package: In this package, AFSCME proposed language to ensure problem-solving has occurred as part of the grievance process. Additionally, they requested regular progress updates on investigations and time limits, unless the union and employer mutually agree upon an extension.
  • Flexible staff package: The AFSCME team proposed removing minimum work and availability for flexible workers.
  • Remote work package: Responding to OHSU’s proposed remote work package, the AFSCME team is asking that any changes to out-of-state be bargained and that OHSU maintain a list of standard remote work equipment on O2.



The OHSU team reviewed AFSCME’s proposals above, and responded to the following:

  • Clean-up package: OHSU agreed to AFSCME’s clean-up language, while proposing near current contract language around special clothing.
  • Remote worker package: The teams further discussed the temporary use of personal devices, with OHSU agreeing that employees will not be required to use personal devices except in limited situations, and adding language specifying that employees temporarily using personal devices must adhere to ITG rules.
  • Grievance package: The OHSU team proposed language related to regular check-ins regarding investigations for grievances involving complaints of discrimination or harassment.



The teams will meet with the mediator on Friday, Aug. 19. Because of the often-confidential nature of mediation, bargaining updates may be limited.

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