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OHSU-HOU bargaining: Session 11

OHSU HOU bargaining

During the 11th bargaining session, members of the Oregon Health and Science University and House Officers Union (HOU) bargaining teams met in person on Thursday, Nov. 9. The bargaining session focused on non-economic topics.


The OHSU bargaining team’s proposals centered on vacation, ACGME compliance, schedules and grant-funded positions:

  • Article 7.2- Vacation: OHSU agreed to add language to their proposal for house officers to not be retaliated against if they submit vacation requests.
  • Article 4.X - Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Compliance: OHSU added language to its previous proposals requiring written responses to house officer concerns and providing a timeline for those written responses.
  • Article 4.1 - Work Schedules: OHSU added language that would provide a way for house officers to address issues related to not receiving timely work schedules and encouraging non-OHSU rotation sites to provide work schedules three months in advance.
  • Article 4.X - Grant-Funded Positions (New): OHSU introduced new language to address pay and compensation when a house officer position is funded by a grant.


HOU proposals focused on personnel files:

  • Article X- Personnel Records: The HOU bargaining team requested house officers be allowed to access their personnel files for review, be notified when documents are added to that file and be allowed to include explanation statements within their personnel file for information they believe is incorrect or a misrepresentation. They have also requested that disciplinary action be removed from personnel files after set timeframes without additional occurrences.


  • Article 4.X ACGME Compliance: The bargaining teams agreed on language related to internal reviews for ACGME compliance and a pathway for house officers to address internal concerns.
  • Article 4.X Grant-Funded Position (New): The bargaining teams agreed on language related to house officers in grant funded positions and the provision of benefits in accordance with the contract.
  • Work Schedules – Interest Based Bargaining (IBB) Topic: The bargaining teams agreed to language providing a mechanism for house officers to address issues related to not receiving timely work schedules and requiring OHSU to provide an annual request to non-OHSU rotation sites that work schedules be provided three months in advance.

Additionally, the bargaining teams agreed to maintain current contract language for the following articles:

  • Article 3: Management Rights
  • Article 8: Health and Safety
  • Article 10: Discipline and Discharge
  • Article 12: Strikes, Lockout, and Picket Lines
  • Article 13: General Provisions


The OHSU and HOU teams will next meet in person on Thursday, Nov. 16.

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