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OHSU-HOU bargaining: Session 15

The bargaining teams focused on economic topics
OHSU HOU bargaining

Members of the Oregon Health & Science University and House Officers Union bargaining teams met in person on Monday, Dec. 18, for their 15th bargaining session. No proposals were shared from the OHSU bargaining team. Rather, the HOU team submitted a counterproposal focused on economics, along with a response to moonlighting language.


HOU responded to the OHSU bargaining team’s proposal about moonlighting.

  • Section 4 Moonlighting: Clarifying definitions and relative application of moonlighting to house officer training programs. The bargaining teams also discussed HOU’s priorities, which include increasing the visibility of moonlighting opportunities and requiring timely payment.

The HOU bargaining team submitted their counterproposal about economics, which contained many proposals:

  • Section 5.1 Annual Salary Stipend: Increasing the annual stipend.
  • Section 5.2 Housing Allowance: Maintained their previous proposal for increasing house officer housing allowance.
  • Section 5.3 Relocation Assistance: Met OHSU’s proposal to increase the relocation assistance to $1,200.
  • Section 5.4 Meal Allowance: Submitted a counterproposal with additional increases to the meal money tiered system proposed by OHSU.
  • Section 5.5 Work Required Expenses: Met OHSU’s proposal to provide reimbursement for an unlimited license when required for a program’s normal training.
  • Section 5.6 Education and Professional Development: Met OHSU’s proposal to increase the yearly amount to $1,000 and turn that amount into an annual stipend.
  • Section 5.X (new) Chief Resident Salary Supplement: Met OHSU’s proposal to create a $125 per month minimum chief resident stipend, when applicable.
  • Section 5.X (new) Bilingual Bonus: Met OHSU’s proposal to create a $1,000 annual bilingual proficiency bonus.
  • Section 5.X (new) Prorated Benefits: Met OHSU’s proposal to include provisions related to prorated benefits for part-time house officers.
  • Section 6.5 Fertility Preservation and Infertility Treatment: Maintained their proposal on providing a benefit for fertility preservation and infertility treatment.
  • Section 7.3.1 Sick Leave/Wellness Days: Maintained their previous proposal to increase the number of days away from training for wellness days.
  • Section 7.4 Professional Leave: Maintained their previous proposal of allowing rollover of professional leave days up to a nine day cap.
  • Section 7.6.1 Paid Parental Leave: Maintained their proposal on paid parental leave.
  • Section 7.7.5 Worked Holidays: Maintained their proposal regarding additional pay or an alternative day off for worked holidays.


The OHSU and HOU teams will next meet virtually on Thursday, Dec. 28.

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