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Session 9: OHSU-ONA bargaining update

OHSU ONA collective bargaining

On Wednesday, March 8, members of the Oregon Health & Science University and Oregon Nurses Association bargaining teams met virtually for negotiations. In the parties’ ground rules, agreed to in December 2022, ONA agreed to present its economic proposals on March 8, so that OHSU would have the period of time before the next session, in April, to consider the proposals and prepare responses.

Accordingly, this week the ONA team gave a detailed presentation with context for its economic proposals, which included stories and testimonials from bargaining team members and guests. Afterward, ONA went through their economic proposals in detail. The OHSU team appreciates the ONA team’s thorough presentation and statements from guests.  


The ONA team provided its package economic proposal, which included many changes and additions, and increases to the following articles:

  • Article 8: Wages Article 9: Overtime and Premium Pay
  • Article 10: Differential Pay
  • Article 11: Holiday and Vacation Benefits
  • Article 12: Utilization of Benefit Time
  • Article 13: Vacation Leave Administration
  • Article 14: Sick Time
  • Article 16: Insurance Benefits
  • Article 21: Staff Development Appendix B: Employee Benefits Council

The OHSU team had proposals ready to present, but there was not time to present them. OHSU will present its proposals in the next session.

Tentative Agreement 

The parties did not reach tentative agreements this session. 

Going forward 

The parties are not meeting for the next several weeks due to scheduling issues. Negotiations will resume in-person at ONA’s offices on April 5, 2023.   

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