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Session 8: OHSU-GRU bargaining update

GRU bargaining

Members of the Oregon Health & Science University and Graduate Researchers United bargaining teams met in-person Tuesday, May 9, in their eighth collective bargaining session, after last week’s session was canceled at GRU’s request.

OHSU counter-proposals

  • Article 8, section 8.2 – Stipend Levels: OHSU responded to GRU’s stipend gap funding proposal, sharing that it is up to OHSU to determine how budgets are set and funding is allocated, declining the proposal.
  • Article 8, section 8.3 – Terms of Stipend Payment: OHSU countered by incorporating into the article, two existing Letters of Agreements (LOA). The first was on individual grants or awards and offered clarifying language and incorporated additional examples for when an appointment terminates, and the second was on renewal and non-renewal of appointments. OHSU also clarified what happens when there is a loss of financial support. OHSU agreed with GRU’s proposal to update language related to the method and frequency in which graduate researchers (GRs) are paid, to align with current practice.
  • Article 8, section 8.5 – now named Outside Work: OHSU agreed to consolidate agreements on outside work into a single section.
  • Article 8, section 8.6 – now named Internships: OHSU countered by acknowledging that internships are academic and not governed by the collective bargaining agreement. OHSU also countered by moving the “Other Benefits” section under Section 9.
  • Article 8, new section 8.8 – Termination Stipends and Benefits: OHSU countered with language clarifying when stipends and benefits cease upon conclusion of an appointment. OHSU also provided language that addresses situations where a stipend and benefits are extended beyond conclusion of an appointment and a GR is seeking employment internally.
  • Article 9, new section 9.1 – Health Insurance: OHSU proposed GRs maintain their existing student health plan.
  • Article 9, new section 9.2 – Other Benefits: OHSU countered with an offer to GRs of a TriMet bus pass for a price of $25 for the first annual pass purchase and $50 each year thereafter. OHSU declined GRU's dependent care proposals.
  • Article 9, new section 9.3 – Notice and Accessing Benefits: OHSU proposed incorporating an existing LOA about notifying GRs about benefits, auditing health insurance, and addressing individual benefit concerns.
  • Article 12 – Holidays, Time-Off, and Leaves of Absence: OHSU countered the request for holidays from GRU by offering Juneteenth as a floating holiday, accruing Paid Time Off (PTO) in hours instead of days, and not requiring GRs to use PTO when no research training is available. OHSU also agreed to incorporate Paid Leave Oregon into the contract.

GRU proposals

  • New article – Remote Work: GRU modified their proposal so GRs can request the ability to work remotely from their faculty mentor or principal investigator, subject to curricular and accreditation requirements and policies.

GRU counter-proposals  

Article 12 – Holidays, Time-Off, and Leaves of Absence: GRU countered with agreement on Juneteenth and the conversion of PTO into hours in the contract, but maintained their request for additional PTO, as well as cash-out for unused PTO and additional hours rolled over annually.

Going forward  

The teams will next meet virtually on Tuesday, May 16, with bi-monthly-to-weekly meetings as determined by the teams.

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