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Session 12: OHSU-GRU bargaining update

GRU bargaining

Members of the Oregon Health & Science University and Graduate Researchers United bargaining teams on Tuesday, June 6, met virtually in their 12th collective bargaining session.

GRU counter-proposals 

  • Article 8 – Stipends, Tuition and Fees, and Terms of Appointments: GRU countered OHSU’s proposed stipend increases by reducing their requested stipend increases in the second and third years. Additionally, the parties have agreed to raise stipends in the School of Nursing and the School of Public Health to match the School of Medicine stipend. GRU also offered language requiring OHSU to cover the difference between what is provided by grants and the stipend level set by the collective bargaining agreement for those who are supported by grants that have a federally mandated stipend cap.
  • Article 9 – Health Insurance and Other Benefits: GRU re-proposed language regarding child care reimbursement and a reduction of the cost of TriMet passes for Graduate Researchers (GRs).
  • New Article – Remote Work: GRU withdrew their prior proposals on remote work, citing that the parties were far apart and did not want to constrain the rights of GRs, as provided under the status quo.
  • Package – Joint Labor Management / Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Contract Education:
    • Joint Labor Management: GRU accepted proposed changes regarding the frequency and content of joint labor management meetings.
    • MOU Contract Education: GRU proposed that a joint training on contract education be accessed via Compass, and that all mentors, supervisors, and administrators who oversee the work of GRs will be notified of and encouraged to complete the training. GRU also proposed to strike language that would bar grievances arising out of the MOU.

OHSU counter-proposals

  • Package – Joint Labor-Management/MOU Contract Education: The OHSU counter on this subject was in response to the GRU counter-proposal described above. With the parties in agreement on the terms of the Joint Labor-Management Meetings, OHSU responded to GRU’s counter on the MOU on contract education, simplifying the notice requirements and narrowing the scope of what is grievable under the MOU.

Tentative agreements

  • Article 9 – Health Insurance and Other Benefits: Before the parties met, OHSU and GRU reached tentative agreement to reduce the annual out-of-pocket maximum for health insurance to $2,000 for academic year 2023 – 24. 
  • Multiple Articles – Current Contract Language Package: OHSU and GRU agreed to retain current contract language for the following articles 
    • Article 1 – Preamble  
    • Article 3 – Scope of Agreement  
    • Article 7 – OHSU Authority and Responsibilities   
    • Article 11 – Performance Expectations  
    • Article 13 – Modified Operations  
    • Article 14 – Travel  
    • Article 15 – Health and Safety  
    • Article 16 – Drug and Alcohol Use and Testing  
    • Article 17 – Personnel Files  
    • Article 18 – Discipline and Discharge  
    • Article 21 – Strikes and Lockouts  
    • Article 22 – Savings Clause  
    • Article 23 – Complete Agreement 

Going forward

The teams will next meet virtually on Tuesday, June 13, with bi-monthly-to-weekly meetings as determined by the teams.

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